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Shop and restaurant

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We have a fishing tackle shop equipped with all the necessary accessories, baits and rods to ensure the right supply of tackle.


On request you can get half board for 25, - € / day or just breakfast for 10, - € / day. We are happy to make lynx packages to take away, depending on your needs.


Weekly there is a grill and paella evening for € 18 with "all you can eat" ...

In between we can offer snaks such as bratwurst, fries or pizza etc.


Rental equipment

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Rental equipment


Nothing is more important than the right equipment to find and catch the desired fish. Especially those who do not have an important part or who e.g. unable to take with you on a flight (too much luggage!) will appreciate our range of rental equipment.

Here is a list of available rental devices:



- Complete catfish rod without leader including rod stand = € 40 / week € 6 / day

- Vertical rod for catfish with multi-reel = € 40 / week € 6 / day

- Waller spinning rod = € 40 / week € 6 / day

- Complete spinning rod zander / perch = 30, - € / week 5, - € / day

- Bait fish rod for pikeperch = € 30 / week € 5 / day

- Carp rod without leader = € 30 / week € 5 / day

- Pole = € 30 / week € 5 / day

ECHOLOT: Lowrance Hook4 or similar = € 40 / week € 6 / day

E-MOTOR = € 50 / week € 8 / day

CARP CHAIR: = € 20 / week € 3 / day

CARP BED: = € 40 / week € 6 / day

ROD STAND: For catfish rod = € 4 / week

BUILT ASSEMBLY complete = € 12 / week € 4 / day


We have a fishing tackle shop equipped with all the necessary accessories, baits and rods to ensure the right supply of tackle.

Guiding and care

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Care: ... is of course included in the price: This means that on arrival you will receive your booked loan device, our supervisors will instruct you in the boats. Using the nautical chart, we will show you the currently "snappy" spots and give valuable tips, we will show you where you are fishing and will be happy to put out the buoy assemblies if you want to fish for catfish. Do You Have Questions? No problem, that's what our boys are there for. All are experienced anglers and know the Riba Roja reservoir well. Whether catfish, carp, zander, black or perch - let us help you. Our supervisors drive off the lake every day and take care of the anglers, provide assistance and can also bring the necessary food and fishing equipment, no problem!

Guiding: ... is a special and costs extra. We offer various guiding packages:



This is an 8 hour full guiding package on the Riba-Roja reservoir. Together with the guide you go out and fish. The process is always different depending on the target fish. When on catfish and carp you drive e.g. with the guide to a promising position, the guide explains the technology, builds the assemblies and designs the buoy systems for you. When spinning for perch or pikeperch you usually fish actively from the boat. Depending on the fishing technique and target fish, the guiding groups should not be too large, 2 guests are optimal from the boat, from the shore it can also be 4 people. We can guide more people at one time, then best split up.

· The price for full guiding with up to 3 people is EUR 250, -, each additional person will be charged EUR 50, - on site. The guiding can also be done by the hour and is then billed accordingly.

· If you want to book the guide for night fishing you pay Euro 450, - (always to be shared by the participants)

River Tours:

For many of our guests, the river tours on the Ebro are very special! Here you drive with the guide and a boat on the trailer to the intermediate reservoir or river. There the boat is slipped and mostly fished from the drifting or anchored boat. Techniques here are: drift, spinning and buoy fishing. The catfish wood is also used here, depending on the conditions and biting behavior. For space reasons, a maximum of 2 anglers should book this tour when fishing from a boat. If you fish from the shore, we can also fish with 3-4 anglers in special places with buoys or stone mounts.

· The price for river guiding is € 350, - for 8 hours on the water due to the high effort, for 2 people an additional person = € 50, -

Very important: We are happy to reserve an appointment for a guiding request, because many factors decide here we can not give you a binding appointment. Weather, water level and biting behavior play a decisive role and we want to get the best out of it for you :-)

Fishing & Information

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Night fishing:

This is really unique in Spain: Our camp is located in the state of Catalonia, where night fishing and live baitfish (crucian carp) are allowed! Our guides will be happy to show you the permitted night fishing zones in the Catalonia area on the map.

Allowed rods:

You can fish with 2 rods per license.

Night fishing and bait fish:

Night fishing and live baitfish (crucian carp) are permitted in the Catalonia district. Our supervisors will be happy to show you the night fishing zones.

Fishing license from Germany?

Is not needed! Regardless of whether you are the children yourself or another family member or friends: everyone can fish, even without a German fishing license!


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